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In the last 5 months I have increased a client’s leads by 325%.  Ask me how and let’s see if I can do the same for you

Put your Social Media in safe hands
Hello. I am Stephen Croome, the founder of Firstconversion.com. I have a Master’s  Degree in Social Media and many years of experience in marketing  the world’s top brands. I regularly speak, teach and talk on  digital marketing around the world. Have a look for my next speaking dates in the column on the right

Get the impact you need

Social Media Lead Generation
Facebook Advertising provided unique access to a niche community  for a company looking to fill medical trials. Once people learnt  about the trials on Facebook, they then shared the trials with  other people, delivering outstanding campaign ROI

Direct Sales with Social Media
I helped a new festival in London target parents in London via  Facebook ads. They sold 3000 tickets at £45 each, directly  attributable to Facebook advertising, delivering a truly incredible  ROI

Linkbuilding with Social Media
A consulting company asked me to help them get more out of their  infographic efforts. I pushed an infographic via paid social on  Facebook and Twitter, bringing it in front of real people and  earning real links

Increased Leads by 325%
I helped a startup transform their paid channels by improving  their leads by 325% in 5 months. I worked across Google, Bing,  Facebook and Twitter to deliver these outstanding results

Risk mitigation
I am working with a web development company to mitigate the risks  of traffic drop during a client’s business model transition and  site re-design. This site is an industry leader that gets 20 000  000 visits a month

Social Story telling in Luxury
I am helping a luxury brand tell their story in social channels  by developing an interaction lead strategy to paid social  marketing. Success is measured by actual user engagement rather  than standard industry “reach”

How increasing your sales works

I find out why Facebook and Twitter are not delivering the results  you want – then fix it

I take the time to understand your business goals, how your teams  operate and how your conversion life cycle works. Then we create  and test content that can deliver on your social business  requirements

I am highly skilled and experienced in Paid Social Media, delivering results that my clients have not considered possible

Firstly, I analyse your business model and conversion pathways to  understand how social media can contribute to your business goals.  Then I come up with content for improving your social media  activities, prioritised based on their expected impact

Finally, I create the content and execute a paid distribution distribution  strategy to deliver on your business goals. I craft content that  will persuade, motivate and convert your visitors. I will work  within your brand guidelines, as I understand how important this  is to my clients, especially those within the luxury sector – it  is all within your control

I work with a lot of start ups – one of the benefits of being  based in London and speaking at digital events. But I also have  clients in gaming, apps and the luxury space

How we can work together

Data driven marketing lets me get you significant results

The first generation of facebook ad tools built on the Facebook API  are now reaching the market but few companies know that these tools  even exist or the positive impact they can have on ad campaigns.  I will multivariate test the parts of an advert to  find the best converting combinations of Title, Body Text and  Image. This creates a virtuous circle of higher Click Through Rates  leading to cheaper clicks and more traffic. More clicks mean more  likes, a larger community and a larger reach for your brand

The new generation of Social Advertising multivariate tools are  opening the doors for businesses of all sizes to iteratively  improve their paid social media campaigns

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