stephen croome firstconversion brightonseo

I spoke at BrightonSEO on a technique I have been using to get better results out of teaching my clients digital marketing. The first half of my talk was done with traditional slides and the second half was done by drawing live on my ipad.

stephen croome at brightonseo

BrightonSEO slides

BrightonSEO video

So now you have worked out that the slides don’t tell you anything, watch the video as I talk you through the slides and set up the live drawing part 😉

BrightonSEO live drawing

The intro that talks about focus and mystery

Visual multiplication of numbers

The difference between Facebook and Google ads

Client’s perception of success in reporting


Some more pictures from that amazing stage

Making sure I have everything packed

stephen croome brightonseo


People starting to come into the dome at BrightonSEO

stephen croome brightonseo


Starting my talk with slides



Starting to draw live. It was the first time I felt nervous on a stage in years!



The stage from up on the balcony

stephen croome at brightonseo

Thanks to Aleyda,  TrafficOptimise, Somotion and Becca Wolf for taking the photos!