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Rough Outline so far

We will do deep dives into paid marketing on the 3 main channels:



I will cover specific topics like:We wil

*Understanding the common social marketing pitfalls and how to avoid them
*How to build a social media driven marketing content marketing process that runs 24/7 for you
*We will look at specific difficult markets like b2b lead gen or recruitment and how to crack them
*We will look at what happens when the well runs dry and how to re-invigorste campaigns
*How to get creative and find non-obvious but highly converting customer segments
*How to use landing pages software like Unbounce and VWO to make the most of your traffic
*I will show real examples of testing and how campaigns evolve over time


And I will set aside some time for an unconference type discussion where we discuss specific issue that you have



How does that sound? Is there anything else I should cover? tweet me @firstconversion

Is this the right content for you? What else should it have?

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