Facebook Ad Image Optimisation

This is a list of ads that caught my eye. I spent some time to try and understand why each ad was eyecatching and to turn the Facebook image ads into distinct styles of image manipulations

I use this list of tactics when I am coming up with ad image optimisations for startup clients

1. Use your Brand to make a big impact

Facebook marketing brand rspb

This RSPB ad stood out because it has an element from nature but also has RSPB three times in the ad. The fact that they included their logo in the image drew my eye.

facebook marketing emotion shark

Nissan manages to get three brands and a TM into their ad. (They also completely break the Facebook ad guidelines with “click here to win it”, but if you spend as much as Nissan does, you may get to break the rules). What I also like about this image is the shark fin in that it generates a gut-level, visceral response to the image.

Facebook marketing brand topman

Another example from Topman, hammering home their brand and incentivising action with a competition.

Facebook marketing brand marin

Marin does the same with a big, bold logo, blasting their brand and cleverly challenging a very competitive set of people to a quiz.

2. Use Time and Scarcity to encourage action right now

Sky makes use of a classic CRO trick of scarcity to encourage users to sign up, repeating the “last chance” message in the image and the body copy.

facebook marketing language time

Capital One focuses on time in this ad and include the call to action in the image. The timeframe is so short that they are almost daring people to click and see if they get a response in one minute.

3. Use Free to draw people in

facebook ads visual text free

Here Sky use Free to draw attention.

What I like about both Sky ads is that they each focus on the single concept that they are trying to get across and do not dilute the message of specific ads.

4. Use Surrealism and Humour to make people curious

You can’t have British advertising without a bit of surrealism! This is a clear case for the funnel approach – the footballer kicking the green cow has nothing to do with betting text but it draws the eye to make people read the title and text.

Curiosity blair - facebook ad

The British Prime Minister is used in a surreal picture to attract the eye. He is a polarising politician and many people would have a gut level reaction to his image. (You could imagine a Texas gun shop using images of Barack Obama to the same effect).

Facebook ads visual distortion car

Here BlaBlaCar photoshop a very well recognised image into something that looks wrong to catch your eye

5. Use bigger brands as a piggyback

facebook marketing brand lloyds

If you don’t have anything interesting to say about yourself, use someone else’s news. I have never heard of doddleme but I do know that the GoPro is an awesome camera, so it attracted me to their ad.

6. Use Cartoon and Distorted Images to catch the eye

Facebook ad visual distortion arm

People will be scanning the page, rather than reading, so over emphasising parts of your image can help to attract attention.

Facebook ad visual distortion muscle

This cartoon stood out from the stock photo ads around it. I quite like the visual impact of the arrows.

7. Use head shots for a close personal feel

facebook marketing language voice blood

Close ups of pretty women looking straight at the camera seem to do quite well. But I’m sure you knew that already.

8. Use Colour and stand out on the Facebook page

An easy way to stand out is to play with the colour pallete. Facebook is blue and white and has very cold tones. Greens, Oranges and Reds stand out.

facebook adverts visual colour sun

This is one of my favourites ads. This ad catches attention with the image and then the very minimal text encourages people to click through to find out more about the promise.

facebook marketing visual colour yellow blue

This yellow stood out a mile on the page.

facebook adverts visual colour green

This green background stands out and the half-dressed women also help to draw the eye.

facebook marketing language voice film

This would not have stood out except for the red line around the image. The contrasting colour outline worked on me.