Facebook Atlas Tags

Atlas Tags for Publishers

What is a Facebook Atlas ad tag?

Ad tags are used to dynamically build content on a publisher’s page that can then be served and tracked by a third-party ad server, such as Atlas.

Atlas offers the following types of tags:

  • tracking pixels
  • JavaScript Tag
  • iFrame Tag

Atlas tags are unique for each placement and contain Atlas domain and advertiser-specific information. The format of these ad redirects will differ according to the type used, as well.
The sample tags below can be used for testing. If you require publisher-specific tags or would like to test different sizes, please contact PublisherSupport@fb.com.

Cache Busting

The majority of browsers store recently viewed webpages, including graphics, on the user’s hard drive in a location known as a cache. Storing ads in a cache can result in the same ad being viewed repeatedly without additional requests being sent to the Atlas ad server, which can lead to undercounting and discrepancies.

To solve these challenges for advertisers, Atlas recommends that cache-busting tags be applied to all tags. Insert the cache-busting tag (a time/date stamp or randomly generated number used to defeat proxy caching) after the “;cache=” and before the “?click=”. See each example below with exact cache buster location highlighted in RED.

Publisher Click Tracker

Atlas has made it easy for publishers to also implement their own publisher Click Tracker within the Atlas Tag. Insert the Publisher Click Tracker after the “?click=” for click tracking code.

The format of the click tracking code should be ENCODED. See each example below with the exact Publisher Click Tracker location highlighted in RED.

Tracking Pixels

Tracking pixels provide Atlas advertisers the ability to track impressions and clicks even though Atlas may not be serving the creative.

Tracking Pixel View Tag:

http://ad.atdmt.com/i/img;p=11002201224440;a= 11002201177633;cache=%%Cache_Buster_Here%%

Tracking Pixel Click Tag:

http://ad.atdmt.com/c/go;a=11002201177633;p=1 1002201224440;ev=11002201177634

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